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Andy started writing for FoxTalk magazine when he became the co-author of the monthly Kitbox column in April of 1998. Together with his friend and colleague, Paul Maskens, he wrote a total of 40 articles. Beginning in December, 2001, Marcia took over from Paul and she and Andy wrote the column until July 2006. They wrote their dialog style column on a regular basis for The Advisor Guide to Visual FoxPro from August 2006 through the end of 2007. They now write their column in Rainer Becker's new Visual FoxPro publication, FoxRockX.   In addition to the Kitbox column, Marcia also wrote "Programming to Interface Rather Than Implementation" for the March 2001 issue of FoxTalk magazine.


Marcia's articles in FoxPro Advisor include
  • Spice Up Your Combo With a Grid
  • Combo boxes provide a very intuitive way for users to choose from a fixed list, but making them work in grids is tricky. Here's a cookbook approach so that you can make combos and grids cooperate once and for all. February, 2000

  • Catering to the Unexpected
  • Many applications need to give users an Other option in lists and combos. Here are controls that handle this need, plus a form to collect the new answer. July, 1999

  • Combo and List Boxes With Class
  • Create subclasses that take care of themselves, so you don't have to change your code when circumstances change. October 1998

Andy's articles in FoxPro Advisor include

  • Data Classes That Make Client-Server Easier
  • The article describes a set of abstract classes that hide the complexity of client-server design and handle data management chores. These data classes have perfected by Andy and Marcia over the years and are used in several major client-server systems all over the world. December 1997.




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